Manage your digital signage software with ease

The Hawkr CMS has an extensive range features tailored for our customers needs

"Hawkr has allowed our customers an offer not available elsewhere. Set up is simple, and the CMS is easy to use and can be learned by non-technical staff in 20 minutes"

Olivier Jouet, Evoca Group France

Intuitive screen management

See important network information at a glance. Any issues requiring action are highlighted to draw attention. Organise screens into groups for efficient and flexible delivery of content across your network.

Health alerts and notifications

Respond to technical issues faster with dashboard alerts and the email notification system. Monitor the successful delivery of new media content for continuous peace of mind.

Individual screen override

Target an individual screen with a bespoke playlist to override its group settings either temporarily or permanently.

Unlimited playlists

Create unlimited playlists for any combination of screen groups so your media plays precisely when you want. Simply drag any uploaded media into a playlist, adjust the order and save to update all the assigned screens in seconds.

Real-time reporting

Analyse in-depth data reports in real-time so you know exactly what media has been served and what exposure its gained. Also get proof of media delivery to your screens, an essential for advertising revenue generation.

Report management

Filter reports with useful parameters such as time period and media file type. Reports can be downloaded, shared and printed via PDF or a simple spreadsheet (XLS or CSV).

Multi-tier user permissions

Allow users to update the media to specific screens only without the ability to edit Schedules or other high level network administration actions.

Daily RSS feed auto-update

A unique RSS feeds feature allows for automatic daily media updates on your screen network, keeping your content fresh without any network management input.

Flexible media control

Upload high definition media files including images, video and web pages, either singularly or in bulk. Once uploaded, your media is securely stored but accessible from any linked Hawkr account. Tag media to help organise and find your files easily. It's like folders, but faster and filterable.

Full slideshow manipulation

Want to make an impact? Control slideshow length, transition effects and screen layout to deliver your message exactly how you want to get the results you need.

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