Digital vending machine screens

Building on the core product, Hawkr offers a digital signage and advertising system custom for the vending industry

Custom Technology

We have tailored our digital signage and advertising product for brands, operators, manufacturers and end-users within the vending industry.

Suitable for projects with five media screen machines or more

Offer your premium and large-scale clients a unique way to communicate with staff

Low cost and low maintenance product

"Mannvend have made significant time and cost savings by utilising the Hawkr system."

Peter Richardson, IT Manager, Mannvend​

Use Hawkr with your preferred vending machine manufacturers

Utilising the Hawkr specialist technology and expert industry knowledge, you can now order the proven Hawkr system direct with preferred machine manufacturers and remotely manage and update their entire screen network in seconds.


Display staff communications (e.g. company updates, employee of the month etc).


Promote catering offers and menus and advertising specific products


Remove the need for USB sticks and labour intensive media screen updates

Get expert technical support with every order

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