Become a Hawkr reseller

Make commission on every hawkr product sold to your customers

As a digital signage and out of home technology specialist and supplier, we work closely with selected resellers to make sure as many customers can benefit from the Hawkr system and products as possible.

We work with a range of different types of resellers including, but not limited to:​

  • AV Contractors
  • Building management contractors
  • Construction consultants
  • Faculties management companies
  • Catering contractors
  • Vending and coffee machine manufacturers / operators

Why become a Hawkr reseller?​

  • Robust and reliable technology  
  • Ongoing technical support directly with your customers 
  • History of successful case studies 
  • Tried and trusted commercial model and commission incentives
  • Large scale/multinational project capabilities
  • Proven commercials and structures favourable to your clients
improve communication

As a valued reseller, you would be able to sell four main products to clients and gain commission from:

Hawkr Media player

Hawkr CMS

Hawkr 24/7 commercial-grade monitors

3G/4G routers and sim card tariffs

"Hawkr has allowed our customers an offer not available elsewhere. Set up is simple, and the CMS is easy to use and can be learned by non-technical staff in 20 minutes"

Olivier Jouet, Evoca Group France

If you think you have a project that could benefit from using Hawkr digital signage or would like to find out more about the reseller programme, please contact us.