The resurgence of the digital out of home industry

For years now, online, mobile and social ad campaigns have been the priority for media buyers, ousting digital out of home (DOOH) ad spend, resulting in a reduction in the digital out of home investment. 

This trend is now reversing.

Although technology has improved within the industry, the key factor that has changed is the reduction in the cost of the technology at a basic level.

This means high volume screen networks can be set up and managed at minimal costs whilst retaining all the benefits of the out of home media.

Unlike mobile and browser ads that have become part of the crowded inventory space with users desensitised to their impact, out of home grabs the attention, especially in digital, animated format.

Low cost hardware is now mass produced that is suitable for digital signage, as long as the operating systems and technical logic is sound and efficient – this opens the door to a sophisticated DOOH network at a fraction of the cost of traditional DOOH technology providers, who are unfortunately, the market leaders and have a strangle-hold on the multi-national contracts and customers.

At Hawkr, we specialise in digital out of home technology solutions. Book a demo to find out how easy it is to set up and use Hawkr for your DOOH project. 

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