How to get the most out of your digital signage content

It’s a common problem faced by many of our clients – how do we get the most value out of the digital signage screens and what content works best??

So we decided to put together some invaluable best practice tips for you!

  • Keep the information to a minimum – your staff will only look at the screen for a few seconds – keep the messages on the screen short, concise and stick to the key message.
  • No live data required – people consume news, weather and tweets from their mobile phones/internet – keep the digital signage screens focussed on the key company messages only to gain the most value from the unique engagement opportunity the screen brings.
  • Upload profiles of people and projects – a photo of the person and/or project is great and gives staff something to talk about in the breakout spaces and encourages cross-department communication.
  • Events – if you have an important event/seminar/social meet-up happening – give that content some extra time on the screen so everyone knows about it!

The key thing is keep things simple – don’t try and do everything with your digital signage. This will also help time and resources creating content and increase the value of your network.

For more information on this, check out our Guide to creating content for non-designers!

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