Saving money with digital signage

Digital signage – it doesn’t just save time, it can save you money too

It’s not just about convenience and being able to reach your audience with amazing attention-grabbing static and animated media content.….digital signage saves you money on traditional print advertising and clumsy USB media sticks. Here’s how.

Save money on printed literature and manual notice/information board updates – staff information boards and visitor boards can look untidy and are time consuming to update. Using a digital notice board that any non-technical staff member can manage, is a simple and low cost way to make sure information is always up to date without having to rely on print. 

Save money on expensive leaflet printing – and make minor updates and tweaks to the information easily, in the moment it needs to be changed. 

Save time on manually updating screen media using USB sticks – if you have more than a few screens you will quickly find that it’s just not practical to update the content manually for each and every screen. It wastes a lot of time for someone to do this and also costs to have multiple USBs. Using digital signage also removes formatting and scaling issues with your content. This means you can focus on getting your message across. 

Hawkr has developed a digital signage solution that really does save you money. Starting at a one-off cost of £199 for a Hawkr player and £20 fee per month for a license, you’ll soon start to see the cost saving benefits of using and digital signage over traditional print. 

Get in touch if you’d like to see how Hawkr could help you with your digital project, today.

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