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Teesside University Students’ Union

Teesside University Students’ Union (TUSU) uses the Hawkr system as their main digital student communications system


Key points

  • TUSU use Hawkr to access their screens remotely to update media content.
  • Utilising the flexible grouping of screens to run different content in different areas of the building.
  • The marketing and events teams non-technical staff can now update the screens using Hawkr’s easy-to-use content management system.
  • Previously, TUSU used USB media sticks to update the screens media content.


Hawkr has transformed how we manage our SU media content. We can update the media screens instantly to make sure all our key messages stay up to date so the students are better informed of what is happening at the Students’ Union.”

Martin John, Marketing, Communications and Design Manager, Teesside University Students’ Union


Client overview

Teesside University Students’ Union (TUSU) is an internationally recognised organisation based on the main Teesside University campus in Middlesbrough, North East of England.

They serve almost 20,000 students with the number growing each year. More information can be found on their website tees-su.org.uk.


The project

Teesside University Students’ Union had 10 digital screens placed around the building covering break out spaces, catering areas, bars, and other high traffic areas.

Historically, the screens had been updated using USB sticks resulting in a labour intensive media transfer process every time an update was made to the screens media content.

Hawkr Players were installed at each screen group including a HDMI matrix feeding several screens to run the same content. This gave the student flexibility around content on different screen groups and also a very simple installation process.




The Students’ Union has now significantly reduced the amount of time spent on managing the network saving on costs and related resources. The flexible grouping of the screens has resulted in more regular content updates and the students staying better informed!


Hawkr says

‘It’s great to work with another local public organisation and make sure the students know exactly what’s going on in the Students’ Union and to make the most of their time!’ Chris Davison, Managing Director, Hawkr


To find out more and to include Hawkr as part of your project, please contact us.

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