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Sodexo & global car manufacturer use Hawkr and Coffetek for pioneering vending media screen project


Key points

  • Sodexo uses Hawkr’s remote management system to update media content on 42 Coffetek Neo machines.
  • Sodexo updates catering offers whilst their client updates health and safety messages and other staff communications instantly
  • Sodexo non-technical staff update the screens using Hawkr’s easy-to-use CMS
  • Going above and beyond just offering the standard coffee machine and services sell, operators can use Hawkr’s digital screen functionality as a USP on high volume coffee machine deals
  • Hawkr is perfect for projects with 5 machines or more due to saving time with manual USB uploads because of the ability to update the media screen content remotely.


The Hawkr system is really easy to use, it takes me a couple of mins to update the content for the following week and enables us a unique way to communicate with staff and customers

Jo Druett, Senior Control Clerk, Sodexo Catering


Client overview

Sodexo is a multinational food services and facilities management company headquartered in France. Sodexo is one of the world’s largest employers with over 420,000 employees representing 130 nationalities and are present on 34,000 sites in 80 countries. To find out more about Sodexo click here.

Selecta are the largest coffee and vending operator in the UK and Europe, serving hot and cold drinks, water and snacks to 12 million people daily with over 320,000 points of sale across 16 countries. To find out more about Selecta click here.


The project

Sodexo already had a high volume of coffee machines with built-in media screens, as part of a contract installed 5 years previously. The media on these machines was controlled by using USB sticks, which was not practical and were time consuming to update. Therefore, as typically found on machines everywhere, the media screens ended up displaying the same content for years.

Both parties were frustrated with the current situation and were keen to start utilising the screen network to better effect.



Previously, Sodexo had to manage their screen media by visiting each location separately with USB sticks to update the screens. Giving Sodexo and their client the ability to update media content instantly across all the machines remotely via a CMS, Hawkr has flipped the network from stagnant to streamlined meaning they can make changes in seconds, rather than hours. Sodexo now use the system for updating weekly menus, offers, promotions and meal deals alongside the clients staff communications including health and safety messages and social events.

On larger media screen roll outs, the value in the media screen has diminished over time, however because of the Hawkr system, operators and end users can now make the most of the media screen investment; being able to update the screens regularly and always provide up to date offers and information to employees.



Sodexo and the client are now updating the 42 media screens instantly every week and the regular communication with end users has made the vending screen network another boon to the positive work culture that Car Manufacturer aims to foster in all their workplace environments. According to Sodexo General Services Manager, Adrian Penny, “we like the function that controls each monitor to allow you to send information to an area or building as required. So if we have a vending machine out of order in a location on site, we can easily change the screen for this machine only to tell people that an engineer is on the way without affecting the other screens”. 


Hawkr says

“It is a great use case for us and we’re really excited for others to follow in the footsteps of this pioneering project.”

Chris Davison, Managing Director, Hawkr

To find out more and to include Hawkr as part of your project contact us.

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