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University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne Student Union

Newcastle University Student Union uses Hawkr system for all in one digital out of home (DOOH) advertising network and student communications system


Key points 

  • Newcastle University use Hawkr to replace their current out of date, unreliable, inflexible system.
  • The screens have brought in advertising revenue generated from network of large digital screens located all over the student union building – in work spaces, bars, catering areas, and communal spaces
  • The marketing team’s non-technical staff can now update the screens using Hawkr’s  easy-to-use content management system• Previous system had an issue with freezing screens and reliability of media playback which Hawkr has resolved


Hawkr has solved all the problems we had with our previous digital out of home and signage system. The time taken to manage the old network was becoming excessive and the reliability was an issue for us. Using Hawkr’s easy to use DOOH features and fantastic reliability, we now see the network as a huge benefit to the student union as it is generating much needed revenue and allowing us to communicate effectively with staff and visitors”.

Dean Phythian, Digital Communications Manager, Newcastle University Student Union


Client overview

Newcastle University Student Union are one of the most forward thinking and innovative student unions in the UK with visitors per day in excess of 20,000. 

The university boasts student numbers of 28,000 and growing each year. 


The project

Newcastle University Student Union had 50 digital advertising screens used for advertising and student information. The screens were connected to the internet through Scala, a digital signage system built on out-of-date hardware technology and an older server and software set-up. This resulted in the media content freezing and skipping with screens regularly out of action.

The Content Management System was difficult to manage and only technical staff were able to manage the screen network and update media content. 

As all the screens were fed from a central server, there was no flexibility in the groupings of these so content was the same for all the screens within the Student Union.

Hawkr Media Players were installed at each screen to increase reliability, playback performance and to also allow for easy and flexible groupings of the screen to separate the advertising media and the student information.



The Student Union has now significantly reduced the amount of time spent on managing the network saving on costs and related resources. The flexible grouping of the screens has resulted in increased advertising revenues and a more efficient way of communicating with the students and visitors to the building.


Hawkr says

‘As ex-students of the University we were really excited to be able to help this iconic organisation. A common problem faced by many is reliability and ease of use. Using the latest in web technologies, we are really pleased to be able to solve yet another problem for one of clients.’ Chris Davison, Managing Director, Hawkr

To find out more and to include Hawkr as part of your project, please contact us.

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