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Mannvend utilises Hawkr to improve efficiency and save time and money on media screen advertising management


Key points 

  • Mannvend has saved time and money updating advertising screen media content remotely
  • They have managed to generate advertising revenue using the Hawkr system
  • There are no more tricky USB uploads and media formatting issues, speeding up operations and management
  • They were impressed with the ease of setup and level of full management support


Mannvend have made significant time and cost savings by utilising the Hawkr system.

Peter Richardson, IT Manager, Mannvend


Client overview

Mannvend is a pioneering coffee machine vending company serving 35,000 drinks daily to customers in the Isle of Man. They are widely known as early adopters of new vending technology and have been an industry leader in the field of revenue generation through advertising on their unique machine media screen network.


The project

Before partnering with Hawkr, Mannvend would manually update all their advertising screen media content with a USB stick updated with the latest advertising campaign videos. This required a manual process of travelling from location to location, accessing the data drive in each machine and running through the slow download routine for each. Needless to say all those regular site visits were disruptive, time consuming and costly to the business.



With the adoption of the Hawkr system, Mannvend now have remote access and ownership of a sophisticated and flexible digital advertising screen network that can be updated with the latest media content in seconds.

Their screen network continues to grow in numbers but thanks to Hawkr they have minimal extra management effort for every new machine added, therefore ultimately not spending any more money on the management of the screens.


Mannvend have made significant time and cost savings by utilising the Hawkr system.

Hawkr says

“As pioneers within the vending and out of home advertising industry, we’re proud to work together with Mannvend and help them utilise their valuable advertising real estate”.

Chris Davison, Managing Director, Hawkr

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