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Evoca France and Lidl

Lidl uses Hawkr and Evoca Group in landmark national coffee vending project to engage with customers and drive new revenue

Key points 

  • Lidl uses the Hawkr system to update media screen content to nationwide network of machines
  • End users, retailers and brands can now communicate to staff and visitors in multiple locations, which was not previously possible with the USB sticks traditionally used by the vending industry.
  • Lidl now have access to a simple to use CMS and easy to install hardware.
  • Operators can use Hawkr as a USP on high volume coffee machine deals of five machines or more due to going above and beyond the standard vending machine and services sell.


Hawkr has allowed our customers an offer not available elsewhere. Set-up is simple, and the CMS is easy to use and can be learned by non-technical staff in 20 minutes!

Olivier Jouet, Evoca Group France


Client overview

Lidl is a German discount, chain supermarket operating globally with 1,500 stores in France and 10,000 stores in the rest of Europe and the U.S.

Evoca Group specialise in technologies that create great coffee experiences in any out-of-home location and operate in 140 countries worldwide.


The project

With such a high volume of stores suitable for coffee machine vending and competition fierce for the deal, Evoca needed something extra to beat the competition and win the lucrative Lidl contract.

Evoca decided that Hawkr provided them with something that no other vendor could offer – an easy-to-use, remote system for managing media across a large network of screens – providing unique customer engagement opportunities.



After realising that other operators only offered local data storage solutions such as individual USB sticks which simply weren’t practical for screens in multiple locations, using Hawkr, Lidl’s marketing team are now enabled to upload new digital media content instantly across a national network of screens. This means they can successfully communicate promotions, deals and products in a unique way whilst also serving them great coffee.

As the first national deal of its kind, it is an excellent example of the increased focus on building synergy between operators and the marketing strategies of their customers.

Operators increasingly reaping the benefits of a sophisticated digital signage system within their offer for larger volume, premium machine projects.


Lidl can now update video content to their national network of machines in minutes, rather than two years in man hours for each update made.


Hawkr says

We are proud to provide technology to enable this evolution of coffee machine vending on large scale projects. The industry is historically slow at adopting new technology due to logistical and commercial barriers, but we’ve proven this can work and is simple to implement for forward thinking operators and end-users.

Chris Davison, Managing Director, Hawkr

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