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5 things to consider when choosing a digital signage provider

Choosing a digital signage provider can be a tricky business. Not least because there are over 2000 digital signage companies worldwide each with their own unique selling points but many of them with exactly the same features and claims. 

This short guide provides you with the key elements to look out for when choosing a digital signage provider:

  1. How easy is it to use (in reality) for non-technical users?

    1. Make sure you see and can test the ACTUAL user interface. If they don’t show it on their website, or it looks a bit complex during the demo, it probably isn’t suitable for non-technical users and is to be avoided!

  2. Are you tied into a long contract?

    1. If the only option is a long contract then this should raise some red flags. Go for flexibility until you know exactly how well the system works for you in-situ.

  3. What is the support and personal service like?

    1. If there are any issues, how quickly do they respond and how personal is the approach by the support team. This can be found out in the first few months of the digital signage install or by contacting references and their current clients. Is there an expensive call out fee for on-site maintenance? If so, that’s another red flag

  4. How scalable is the hardware?

    1. If the hardware runs on Windows or Google PCs then it will be expensive to replace and be less efficient when running 24/7 causing more issues further down the line. The hardware should be low cost – there’s no reason why digital signage hardware should be expensive these days (more than £200 per media player unit).

  5. Is the software over-engineered for your purpose?

    1. 99% of digital signage customers just want an easy-to-use, low cost, reliable, platform that is modern in design and flexible. This is available but you this is not the case with the market leaders. Look out for a digital signage package that is over-complex for your needs and avoid these! The more complex the product, the higher the risk of future issues, impacting the most basic of functions.

After seeing the pains caused by many digital signage solutions, at Hawkr we’ve made things simple. We’ve used the latest API, cloud-based technologies to ensure you can update screens remotely via a CMS designed to be updated by non-technical users, and after speaking to users, have kept the features and functionality simple so not to over-complicate the product and usability with features you’re never likely to actually want to use. Contact us to arrange a demo, today


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