4 ways Hawkr customers have used digital signage to improve their business

  1. Corporate and office staff communications – Shell Centre London

Shell wanted a more intuitive system for uploading staff communications including events, important brand messaging and company ethics and policies, health and safety announcements, catering offers and staff recognitions.

Combined communications using the coffee machine media screens and also large screens installed in their refreshment hub spaces resulted in clear communication to staff and visitors to the building.

Read the full case study

2. Restaurant and catering venues Sodexo Honda / Shell 

Sodexo wanted a simple-to-use, WiFi connected system for updating catering offers and menus to their customers.

They chose Hawkr as they needed a scalable digital signage system that was able to cover several catering areas and a large volume of screens.

3. Advertising and information screensNewcastle University

The University of Newcastle upon Tyne wanted a fast, flexible and sophisticated digital signage and digital out of home system for updating their Student Union screen network of 50+ screens to increase advertising revenues and save time and money on the management of the network.

Flexible grouping of screens, scheduling of content and automated reporting on the impressions and screen occupancy time of the advertising inventory was essential to the technology brief.

Read the full case study

4. Reception areas, events and meeting space screens TUS Park

TUS Park, a co-working and events space, had several redundant large screens in the reception, visitor waiting area and event / meeting room spaces. Using the simple, retrofittable Hawkr system, these screens were able to be remotely accessed and the media content updated in seconds by the receptionist and office managers.

The reception area now displays the latest tenant information, events calendar. The meeting rooms and event spaces display ad-hoc content relevant to the visitors, impressing people every time.

If you’re thinking of installing digital signage in your workplace, get in touch to discuss how Hawkr can help you achieve your project. 

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